Our Methodology

We pride ourselves on thoroughness and efficiency. This allows us to field productive, professional teams in relatively short periods of time.

The sequence of sales force building and sales force management activities listed below represents our core methodology.


Step 1 – We start by taking the time to know the customer and their objectives.


Step 2 – Identify and hire the right people using a wide variety of resources.


Step 3 – Get new team members, up, running and ready to start selling.


Step 4 – Provide the product and market insights to ensure rep success.


Step 5 – Stay on top of rep’s needs, so they can focus more on selling!


Step 6 – Access to good info is one of our very highest priorities for reps.


Step 7 – Reps produce results as prospects are engaged in volume.


Step 8 – Accounts managed the right way will bear fruit for a long time.

As specific customer needs dictate, we supplement this process by eliminating steps or adding other  steps as circumstances warrant.

We don’t claim to have invented anything earth shattering here. To us, it’s just a common sense approach to meeting customer’s objectives.